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SS Pipe Supplier In India

VSC Stainless Steel Pipe and Fittings
  • Name: SS Pipe
  • Stainless Steel: ASTM A312 TP 304/304L/ 304H/316/316L/317/317L/321/31/ 347/904 Letc.
  • Brand: Vikram Sales Corporation
    Carbon Steel: ASMA GR. B/A 106 GR. B / API 5L GRADE B/L GR. X42/46/52/ 56/60/65/70/A33R. 3/GR. 6 etc.
  • Alloy Steel: ASTM A 335 GR. P1 / P5 / P9/ P11/P22/P91 etc.
  • Others: Monel, Nickel, Inconel, Hastalloy, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Titanium, Bismuth, Aluminium, High-Speed Steel, Zinc, and Lead.
  • Types: Round, Square,
  •  Rectangular Size: Upto 36″ NB. (Seamless & Welded)
  • Wall Thickness: Sch. 5S to Sch. XXS
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Product Description

Stainless steel pipes are used in various industries for the transportation of liquids and gases. They are known for their corrosion resistance, high strength, and durability. VSC is a Supplier and Manufacturer of Stainless Steel pipe suppliers typically offer a range of stainless steel pipes in different grades, sizes, and specifications to cater to diverse customer requirements.

Stainless Steel Pipe Industrial Fittings SS 304, SS 316

Vikram Sales Corporation provides high-quality SS Pipe Industrial Fittings SS 304, SS 316 that are known for their durability, corrosion resistance, and strength.
The pipes are available in different grades of stainless steel, such as 304, 316, 321, and more, to cater to specific requirements.
They offer pipes in various sizes and thicknesses, ensuring suitability for different applications.
The pipes are manufactured using advanced techniques and adhere to international quality standards.

SS Pipe Manufacturer By Vikram Sales Corporation

Vikram Sales Corporation is a reputable supplier of SS Pipe Industrial Fittings SS 304, SS 316 , operating in the industry for several years.
The company has a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in the domain and strive to provide excellent customer service.
They have a wide network of suppliers and manufacturers, allowing them to source high-quality SS Pipe Industrial Fittings SS 304, SS 316 at competitive prices.
Vikram Sales Corporation is committed to delivering products that meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

Benefits of choosing Our Corporation Vikram Sales Corporation:

Quality Assurance: The company ensures that the SS Pipe Industrial Fittings SS 304, SS 316 they supply are of high quality and conform to industry standards.
Wide Range of Options: Vikram Sales Corporation offers a diverse range of SS Pipe Industrial Fittings SS 304, SS 316 , catering to different applications and specifications.
Competitive Pricing: They aim to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
Customer Service: The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides excellent support throughout the buying process.
Timely Delivery: Vikram Sales Corporation strives to deliver products within the agreed-upon timelines, ensuring minimal disruptions to your project.

Seamless Stainless Steel Pipes:

These pipes are manufactured without any welding seams, resulting in a smooth and uniform surface. They are often used in high-pressure applications and industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and petrochemical.

Welded Stainless Steel Pipes:

These pipes are produced by welding stainless steel plates or coils together. They are available in various shapes, including round, square, and rectangular. Welded pipes are commonly used in applications where the requirements for pressure and temperature are less demanding.

Stainless Steel Decorative Pipes:

These pipes are designed for aesthetic purposes and are often used in architectural and interior design applications. They feature attractive finishes, such as polished, brushed, or embossed surfaces, to enhance the visual appeal.

Stainless Steel Sanitary Pipes:

These pipes are specially designed for applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, where maintaining hygienic conditions is crucial. They meet stringent cleanliness standards and are often polished to a high level of surface finish.

Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes:

When dealing with an SS pipe supplier, it is essential to consider factors such as the quality of the stainless steel, certifications, manufacturing standards, and the supplier’s reputation. Additionally, suppliers may offer additional services such as pipe customization, cutting, threading, and fittings to meet specific customer needs.

SS Pipe weight Chart

Nominal Pipe Size (NPS)Outside Diameter (OD)Schedule 10SSchedule 40SSchedule 80SSchedule 160XXS
1 1/442.22.273.393.425.14.53
1 1/248.32.724.053.975.925.54
2 1/2735.798.638.913.2611.56
3 1/2101.69.9914.871522.3218.7

To get detailed information about a specific SS pipe supplier and their product offerings, it would be best to visit their website, contact their customer support, or refer to their product catalog.

Ss Pipe Weight Calculator

ss pipe size chart

Nominal Pipe Size (NPS)Outside Diameter (OD)Wall Thickness
1/8610S: 1.24, 40S: 1.73, 80S: 2.24
1/4810S: 1.73, 40S: 2.24, 80S: 3.02
3/81010S: 1.73, 40S: 2.31, 80S: 3.2
1/21510S: 1.73, 40S: 2.31, 80S: 3.73
3/42010S: 1.73, 40S: 2.31, 80S: 3.91
12510S: 2.11, 40S: 2.77, 80S: 3.91
1 1/43210S: 2.11, 40S: 2.77, 80S: 4.55
1 1/24010S: 2.11, 40S: 2.77, 80S: 5.08
25010S: 2.77, 40S: 3.73, 80S: 5.54
2 1/26510S: 3.05, 40S: 5.16, 80S: 7.01
38010S: 3.05, 40S: 5.49, 80S: 7.62
3 1/29010S: 3.05, 40S: 5.74, 80S: 8.08
410010S: 3.05, 40S: 6.02, 80S: 8.56
512510S: 3.4, 40S: 6.55, 80S: 9.52
615010S: 3.4, 40S: 7.11, 80S: 10.97
820010S: 3.76, 40S: 8.18, 80S: 12.7
1025010S: 4.19, 40S: 9.27, 80S: 15.09
1230010S: 4.57, 40S: 10.31, 80S: 16.66


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